About Domain.Wine

I am an domain investor for years.  At last I decided to set up my web site. The best word was ofcourse “domain”. There is only one domain “domain.wine” was avaible to buy. So I bought it and this site comes to life.

The .wine extension may be interesting for this site but I think there is a relation between domain and wine words…

Wine expert Nick Alabaster says these words in his article called “What’s fine wine?”

“…Let’s try to see what sort of descriptors we can use to label fine wines. The words banded about include balance, complexity, length, concentration, focus, typicity, elegance and (even) power…”

So what descriptors important for fine wines are important for fine domains too…

And this is the relation between domain and wine.

İf you want to reach me you can leave comments. I will answer as soon as possible…


M.Aytekin – “Domain.Wine”




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